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Sexism, Big Gay Ice Cream and stuff

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Have you noticed something about the democrat candidates that believe they’re the next President and how they’re going to ‘revolutionize’ the country? weed for sale

With a few exceptions of being old and having an average age of 75? weed for sale

Amidst awkward ice cream advertisements and blaming sexism for putting an end to their presidential campaign?


You haven’t?

Well, that’s what I thought. Because I haven’t either. weed for sale

They’re just spewing out the same inane and asinine rubbish on repeat. No matter what topic or issue they’re discussing, it’s always the same kind of dull, boring thing without any substance to it. Just fluff. Bogus. buy weeds online 

People care less and less about politics. 

And is it any wonder why? 

Your life won’t improve if there is a change of presidents this fall. It won’t improve if the same guy remains president. 

Your government isn’t exactly your friend. 

Just think about it.

When was the last time you received a letter from the government with something positive in it? 

‘Hello Bob, I’m the Government and I want to give you this gift of $5,000!’ 

More likely, it’s something like the following: weed for sale

‘This is the IRS, and we’ve noticed a deviation in your tax reports. Based on our calculations you owe us $5,000. Payment due in two weeks.’

Or something like that. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall I got an envelope with my name on it from any branch of the government with positive content. buy weeds online

And it got me thinking about something. Why don’t I instead, send positive things to people? 

Weed for sale, Why don’t I instead, send positive things to people? Totally contrary to the Government? So, if you want a positive package in the mail
Weed for sale, Why don’t I instead, send positive things to people? Totally contrary to the Government? So, if you want a positive package in the mail


Totally contrary to the Government? 

So, if you want a positive package in the mail, sent by yours truly, just go here:


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Texas decriminalizes marijuana? 

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Came an interesting story from the Lone Star State the other day. According to an article on Fox News,  buy weeds online lawmakers in Texas found themselves in bit of a trouble. 

Because back in December of 2018 when the Government legalized hemp, they made sure that each state had to set their own laws and regulations on how create frameworks to regulate the sale and production of hemp and hemp byproducts. 

And this caused several issues down south, it seems. 

The key was how the Government defined hemp and marijuana. According to the government Buy weeds online, both hemp and marijuana look the same, smell the same and is virtually indistinguishable. The only difference is, hemp contains 0.3% or less THC, whereas Buy marijuana Online has THC levels above 0.3%. 

And since there weren’t enough labs and resources to test a pot sample for THC, many police officers who caught someone with pot had to let them go. 

Simply because they didn’t have the time or money to send the pot sample in for lab analysis. 

As one defense attorney so appropriately put it: “Well it’s kind of the Wild West right now, nobody really knows what the boundaries of the new law are.”

But don’t get all excited, Wyatt Earp. 

And definitely do not smoke weed for sale and carry it with you, if you’re in Texas. 

Because the same article mentions that different counties practice this law differently. What gets you released in one county might get you behind bars or a ticket in another one. 

It’s just that this whole hemp thing is so new, even the police doesn’t know how to handle it. 

Something that *will* be handled though, is your shipping and packaging when you order hemp flowers from the link below. Totally according to terms, regulations and law. 

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