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Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and Mike Tyson

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What do they have in common, Besides being American? Answer: They are cannabis entrepreneurs. Marijuana shop online. 


Marijuana shop online, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and Mike Tyson What do they have in common Besides being American? They are cannabis entrepreneurs.
Marijuana shop online, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and Mike Tyson What do they have in common Besides being American? They are cannabis entrepreneurs.

That’s right. 

Now, they’re of course not producing and promoting illegal marijuana, although I vaguely remember that both Mike Tyson and Snoop Dogg have been busted several times for possessing pot. 

That’s based on hearsay, so take it with a grain of salt. 

I may be wrong. 

I personally am a little fascinated by this. 

Not because of the obvious things. They’re big celebrities, well known and they use their fame and status to probably generate millions of dollars for themselves through their brands by promoting ‘health’, ‘painkillers’, ‘stress relief’ and various other feel good slogans. 

But more because of how fast cannabis and hemp is spreading. 

Just think about this. 

You’re a celebrity. The whole world knows who you are and some of them may even know more about you than your own relatives and friends because of all the public information that’s available to the masses out there. 

So, with that kind of celebrity and fame there comes a certain set of unwritten rules and regulations. 

You have to watch your reputation. You’re more prone to smear campaigns. And you probably have lots of enemies that try to wear you down. 

So, associating yourself with something bad isn’t exactly smart. 

Imagine if some of these celebrities had invested heavily into seafood markets in Wuhan, China. Also known as the source of the Coronavirus. 

That wouldn’t exactly be very positive for such a celebrity, would it? 

So, in other words, if a celebrity endorses a product or a service and starts running his or her own business, you can be pretty sure that there isn’t anything fishy or bad about it. 

At least that’s how I perceive it. 

And by all means, I’m no celebrity expert. In fact, I’m not even a celebrity yet. 

But, if I were a celebrity, I’d be highly cautious of what I publicly endorse and not. 

Speaking of which, I’m giving you the chance to publicly and non-publicly endorse some good ole’ hemp flower right here:


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Oregon Senator’s hemp rant

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For the record, this is a totally political-free email. In fact, I make it very clear that I regard most politicians (if not all?) as clowns who pretty much regurgitate the same humbug and nonsense over and over again. 

Still, I like to mock them a little now and then. 

Such as for example Oregon Senator Ron Wyden. 

Prior to the legalization of hemp, the senator tweeted: 

‘Federal law treats hemp like it’s a dangerous drug, but the only thing you’re going to accomplish by smoking hemp is wasting breath, time and lighter fluid.’

Well, that’s taking it a little too far, Ron. 


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Come on. 

Sure, you won’t get high. Everybody knows that. If you claim that you get ‘high’ after smoking hemp, you’ve either smoked marijuana before you smoked hemp or you’re just imagining things. 

There are so low THC levels in hemp that it’s impossible to do so. 

Anyway, wasting time and lighter fluid?

In fact, that’s not true. I remember I was at a convention once. At night there was a party that I was attending. Several of the guests smoked hemp and had a good time. I particularly remember getting into a conversation with a famous YouTube personality who shall remain nameless. We really hit it off and exchanged pleasantries and ideas. 

During the conversation he was smoking hemp. 

I was drinking alcohol. 

Did we ‘waste time’? 


So, it just goes to show you that you don’t have to be a crack addict or a street bum to smoke weed. 

As for ‘wasting lighter fluid.’ I guess that’s true. Except, I wouldn’t call it a waste. How can it be a waste if it’s required to lighten up a hemp loaded joint that someone smokes during a useful network conversation?

Maybe I’m going at this a little hard. I don’t know. I just know that I don’t like framing of that tweet. 

Shame on you, Ron. I’m sure you’re a good guy, though. 

Anyway, wasting breath and lighter fluid or not.

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Got a boss that takes her shit out on me…

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Buy dabs online …at a job I’ve been at for 15 years.’

This unfortunate fella is just one of many users who swear to CBD as a sort of ‘cure for all the bad stuff in my life’ things. 

And when I say ‘all the bad stuff’ I mean it. There’s way more than just his boss who’s giving him a hard time even though he’s been a loyal employee for 15 years. 

Behold the following: 

Feels like I’m always a day away from the cutting block. Having bills that keep multiplying because, the older you get the more crap you “need”. Being flat footed, bad kneed, worse hips, 1.5 lunged, repaired elbow, tensioned headached, jacked up stomached, and not being able to take anti inflammatories.’

Sounds like a rough life, ehh?

Oh, but wait. 

There’s *more*.

In addition to the above, this poor man also has two kids. Two lovely boys. 10 months and three years. And a wife. Which means he’s got a whole family to support. Buy dabs online

I especially don’t envy his 1.5 lounge. 

I fully admit that I don’t even know what means. Has he had surgery on his one lunge and it only works at 50% of its full capacity? Buy dabs online

Buy dabs online, Has he had surgery on his one lunge and it only works at 50% of its full capacity? you can get fresh hemp flowers right here.
Buy dabs online, Has he had surgery on his one lunge and it only works at 50% of its full capacity? you can get fresh hemp flowers right here.

Maybe he’s got a disease or a condition that he was born with? 

Who knows?

What I know is that I absolutely love and adore my two, healthy and well-functioning lunges that work flawlessly in total harmony with each other. At least doctors haven’t told me anything else. What I also know is that if you took a lunge and stretched it out so that every little compartment and corner of the organ was laid bare, you could cover one whole soccer field. 

Alright, that’s enough physiology for today, folks. 

What I also know is that I don’t envy this man the slightest. I’m sure his kids are lovely though. And it really sounds like he’s happy that there is some CBD in his life. 

A final thing that I know is that you can get fresh hemp flowers right here:


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Texas decriminalizes marijuana? 

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Came an interesting story from the Lone Star State the other day. According to an article on Fox News,  buy weeds online lawmakers in Texas found themselves in bit of a trouble. 

Because back in December of 2018 when the Government legalized hemp, they made sure that each state had to set their own laws and regulations on how create frameworks to regulate the sale and production of hemp and hemp byproducts. 

And this caused several issues down south, it seems. 

The key was how the Government defined hemp and marijuana. According to the government Buy weeds online, both hemp and marijuana look the same, smell the same and is virtually indistinguishable. The only difference is, hemp contains 0.3% or less THC, whereas Buy marijuana Online has THC levels above 0.3%. 

And since there weren’t enough labs and resources to test a pot sample for THC, many police officers who caught someone with pot had to let them go. 

Simply because they didn’t have the time or money to send the pot sample in for lab analysis. 

As one defense attorney so appropriately put it: “Well it’s kind of the Wild West right now, nobody really knows what the boundaries of the new law are.”

But don’t get all excited, Wyatt Earp. 

And definitely do not smoke weed for sale and carry it with you, if you’re in Texas. 

Because the same article mentions that different counties practice this law differently. What gets you released in one county might get you behind bars or a ticket in another one. 

It’s just that this whole hemp thing is so new, even the police doesn’t know how to handle it. 

Something that *will* be handled though, is your shipping and packaging when you order hemp flowers from the link below. Totally according to terms, regulations and law. 

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