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Space Monkey Meds is proud to offer its OGKB, or OG Kush Breath, cultivar. OGKB leans heavily on its delectable notes of vanilla-infused nuttiness to herald its luxurious body high. OGKB makes users feel superb from head to toe, like they’re fresh out of an hour-long Swedish massage. This Indica-dominant cultivar promises relaxation and happiness through and through. Treat yourself to the greatest night of sleep you’ve ever enjoyed.


What Can I Expect When I Use OGKB Weed?
Be extremely wary when using OGKB cannabis because it has the potential to cause couch-lock in a hurry. It is a potent and fast-acting indica that triggers an almost immediate increase in cerebral blood pressure. You may experience an increase in saliva production or pulsations in the temple area.

Users have reported a greater intensity in visual stimuli while the age-old issue of time dilation could rear its head; so, don’t smoke this strain if you have an urgent appointment coming up! OGKB is unquestionably a marijuana strain for the late evening because it causes a sense of deep relaxation. Once the high takes full hold, you will have no intention of completing whatever task you were supposed to.

Eventually, the high makes its way to the body and keeps you firmly in place; the last thing you want at this stage is physical activity. We recommend getting the snacks ready because OGKB can cause a serious case of the munchies. It is the ideal option for chilling out with friends, and because of its sedative qualities, it is a good pre-bedtime companion.

Medical Benefits of OGKB Marijuana
If you are a medical marijuana patient, OGKB has an array of potential benefits. The intense feeling of relaxation that you feel can take the edge off problems such as anxiety, depression, and stress. As it is such a potent strain, OGKB could also be used to treat the chronic pain associated with conditions such as fibromyalgia, or any inflammation-related malady. Buy Xanax Online

If you are currently undergoing chemotherapy or any other radiation treatment, or else you have problems with your appetite, OGKB’s ability to cause ravenous hunger could prove very useful. Finally, as it is such a great sedative, OGKB might be the thing that turns insomnia into regular bouts of restful sleep.

THC Content – Highest Test
We have seen test results that say OGKB cannabis has a THC content of over 26%! It also contains terpenes such as Beta-Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Alpha-Humulene.

CBD Content – Highest Test
OGKB rarely has more than 0.1% CBD.


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