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Timewreck’s earthy spice and sour taste

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THC Content %‎: ‎14 to 18%
CBD %‎: ‎0.02 – 0.1%


Timewreck Marijuana

Order Weed Online USA,CANADA AND AUSTRALIA. Timewreck is a sativa dominant hybrid, (70% sativa/30% indica).The strain create through a cross of, the powerful Vortex X and Blood Wreck strains. This potent bud is infamous for its debilitating effects, that are powered by an insanely high THC level. That typically falls between 19-27% on average. The high hits you immediately, with and almost disorienting euphoria. That leaves you full of creative energy and motivation, that often inspires artistic creation.

These cerebral effects Order Weed Online, leave you with an extremely positive mood. That doesn’t wane as a light body buzz creeps over you, and leaves you completely relaxed, and pain-free without any loss of functionality, or mental capacity. These effects can be so much for some, leading them to experience paranoia, and heavy anxiety. Because of these effects, Timewreck is said to be perfect for treating chronic stress, and mild to moderate cases of depression, chronic pain, and nausea. This bud has a mouthwateringly sour fruity taste, and smell with a lemony lime aftertaste upon exhale. Timewreck buds have large cone-shaped, so dense dark forest green nugs, with dark purple curly leaves, and thick fiery orange hairs. And a sparse coating of crystal clear trichomes, and a thick layer of sweet sticky resin.

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Timewreck marijuana induces,a  so strong cerebral euphoria, Followed by a soothing relaxation. May cause paranoia and cotton mouth, But boosts energy and creativity, uplifts mood Order Weed Online, prompts laughter socialization. Relieves stress and nausea, helps with pain.

A strain created by the breeder Dioxide, at TGA Subcool Seeds. Timewreck is a cross between two of their strains, a female Blood Wreck, and the male Vortex Canadian Dispensaries. Often breeders will stick to proven males, as it can be so hard to find a good one but they wanted to see what would happen by crossing one of their favorite strains with one of their other loved strains in 2011. The result is a strain strong enough that many users simply find it overpowering.


Bred by TGA Genetics , Timewreck is a 70% sativacross between Vortex and Blood Wreck (Chernobyl x Qrazy Train). The sour, fruity flavors of Vortex enliven Timewreck’s subtle earthyaromas with pungent notes of lemon, lime, sandalwood, and pear. Timewreck’s High Times Cup-winning THC content delivers potent relief to severe medical symptoms, but novice consumers should be wary of this sativa’s intensity. In large doses, Timewreck induces a disorienting euphoria that begins to justify this strain’s name, but smaller amounts are more likely to bring on engaged creativity and energy. Timewreck typically produces moderate indoor yields following its 60 to 70 day flowering time, BUY MARIJUANA ONLINE.



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