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Obama Kush is an indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis that originated in Michigan. Superior Genetics bred this daughter strain using an indica Afghani with a sativa dominant hybrid OG Kush.

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Obama Kush

Inspire by it namesake, Obama Kush is a rare type of indica, that has been perfectly formulate to offer all the typical relaxation, of a good indica bud. only with the inspiring, and cerebral stimulation. So lovingly associate with sativa plant. Unlike your typical couch-locking indica, Obama Kush offer a chill out vibe. That still allow for a wealth of invigorating effect. That have been know to spark creativity, and life-changing thought.

Obama Kush Appearance, Flavor, Aroma

Bursting with sweet and fruity notes, Obama Kush is a vibrant flower in every respect. With purple hues that are coated, with a frosting of trichomes and deep red pistils, this is a wonder for the senses to behold.

Growers of Obama Kush Strain will appreciate the plant’s, effortless appearance which is pretty and sturdy in stature. Like a true indica, the plant grows short and stout, boasting a strong aesthetic. The flowers are a stunning shade of deep purple, which is spotted with red and orange hairs, and topped off with a delightful layer of trichomes.

Subtle in its aroma, users have praise the plant’s discreet yet sweet and tangy scent, with undercurrents of a moreish, skunky smell. That is simply to die for. For those with a keen nose for cannabis, there is a tasty note of grapes which can also be picked up, on in the taste of the bud Best strains for sleep.

Medicinal Benefits

One stand out feature of Obama Kush is, the unusual sativa properties despite its indica origins. and it is partly down to this that this bud, is so popular amongst patients. Offering an average THC level, that isn’t going to floor you after one use. Obama Weed Strain boasts both cerebral benefits, coupled with a powerful physical relief. That lends itself perfectly to a host of conditions.

Users report that Obama Kush invokes, feelings of happiness and mental relaxation. Allowing the mind to open, which lends itself to the creative arts. Ideal for sufferers of stress and anxiety. And also Obama Strain can relieve the stress of everyday life, and help to reduce the symptoms of anxiety.

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