king louis xiii Strain

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king louis xiii strain

The King Louis XIII strain is a rare Indica-dominant hybrid, with a 70% to 30% indica/sativa ratio respectively. This flower is created by crossing a breed of OG Kush, with the popular LA Confidential. With the THC levels reaching over 20%, this hybrid is quite potent and comes with some nice and powerful effects.

king louis xiii Strain Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana with 20% THC that has a musky pine aroma
king louis xiii Strain


This mostly indica strain grows lime-green and dense buds. This bud is heavily cover, with a crisp layer of sticky resinous hair. In addition, the strains nuggets are sprinkle with gorgeous orange pistils, which makes it an amazing treat for the eye.

The King Louis XIII Buy Marijuana Online strain, comes with a musky pine aroma, with delicate hints of earthiness, diesel and some notes of skunk. As for the flavor of this bud, it taste refreshing like citrus with tinges of diesel and skunks. In fact, the flavor of the strain is much like it’s smell. When smoking this indica-dominant hybrid, you can expect a smooth, but also harsh smoke on the throat.

king louis xiii strain Effects + Benefits

With such promising levels of THC, this strain comes with a range of typical OG Kush characteristics. This include a complete body relaxation, which leads into a deep and calm state. The high starts with a pleasant and vibrant pressure behind the eyes, with a nice feeling of sedation, traveling throughout the body and escalating over time.

This is an ideal strain Buy weed Online. for those looking for something to help them get rid of negative thoughts. With its relaxing properties, the hybrid let you forget about all your worries. Helping you find your inner peace and maintain a clear head. When consumed in higher amounts, the strain will make you sleepy in no time, so if you’re planning to stay more active, take it easy when dosing your greens.

This indica-dominant strain ( king louis xiii strain ) is also ideal if you need something to put you into a happier and more effective state of mind. In fact, The strain is extremely effective in providing positive energy and an instant rush of euphoria that will keep your mood elevated for the rest of the day. On top of that, the bud induces Buy Xanax Online munchies, so make sure you have some favorite snacks close by.

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