gelato 33 strain

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  • Amazing looking buds that are well-trimmed, dense and very sticky
  • A sweet orange citrus heavenly aroma
  • Uplifting and energetic high ( still very potent strain it is far from lacking THC content
  • THC 19-26% CBD 2%


Gelato 33 Strain

The Bud is a cross between Sunset Sherbet, and Thin Mint GSC. and is Originally from the famou Cookie Fam, of the Bay Area. Since the beginning of its birth, a number of phenotype copy cat, of this strain have been release. All with their own unique quality. One of them is Gelato 33, a quite nice balance hybrid with compact bud, staying true to its Cookie strain genetic. Like other Gelato phenotype, Gelato 33 Strain is cover with fiery orange hair, while its buds can be dark green to purple. With sweet citrus and fruity flavors, weeds for sale offers an energetic high, uplifting and minimal burnout high, it is a perfect daytime strain. What better way to go enjoy some fun, in the sun with this new amazing strain.

Where Does Gelato #33 Originate From?
A cross of Sunset Sherbet X, Thin Mint GSC. This is one of three beasts, that make up a trio. like a hardcore metal band, only consisting of the bare bones of a solid backbone drummer. (Gelato #33), a smooth bassist (LA Kush Cake) and a face melting guitarist (Ice Cream Cake), weed store online.

Gelato 33

This Strain uplifting, and slightly euphoric. Just enough euphoria to show you that it’s there, and the rest is happiness, uplifted, emotional release and contentment. Taking up to 2 minutes to fully kick in, Gelato 33 Strain onslaught of happiness will not pass you by. It feels as potent, and as present as other strains mentioned. The grand take-away from this strain is pure elevation, with a slightly lesser felt euphoria.


When we say Gelato 33 Strain “citrus-earthy-pungent”, what we really mean is, the full bitterness of a big grapefruit. sprinkled with earth-dirt, and then concentrated. Buy Xanax Online 


Gelato 33 Strain will elevate you, More than other strains. Its potency and presence are hardcore. This notably has incredibly high elevation, through a mix of slight euphoria. half-focused half-unfocused happiness. It’s hard to pinpoint why or how, many strains can make one feel uplifted. but this does it effortlessly, easily becoming a new reference point.

Suggested Medical Use

We highly recommend Gelato 33 Strain, over any other strain for PTSD. and more so than depression because, it doesn’t have as much euphoria as other strains. (which can at the polar end cause paranoia), but has way more elevation and therefore, hopefully happiness that can’t be put into words.

We recommended Gelato 33 Strain for depression, because of its effect profile. however, we would say this is outright more potent. They both are similar, but the two have distinct uses. edging the other out in either euphoria or upliftment, by just enough to make you put the decision, down to those two effects.

The difference between depression and PTSD, is that with depression, you’d want the effect of euphoria. but with PTSD, you don’t want your thoughts to change, nor do you want yourself to feel different from your true self. Gelato 33 Strain offers a halved euphoric feeling that feels blanketed by a comforting elevation that reels in any fears you’d have about it.

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