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Blueberry Strain

The strain was originally created using the Short Blueberry strain crossed with OG Kush, one of the most classic weed strains ever known.

With a name like Blueberry OG, you immediately conjure up an odd combination of both intense, fresh blueberries and the classic, dank flavor of the OG family of weed.

It is important to note, however, that the Blueberry part of this strain’s genetics actually belongs to DJ Short Blueberry, which is subtly different from the classic Blueberry that should be familiar to any fruity strain lovers out there.\

Developed in the West Coast, this Blueberry offshoot was spliced and bred and bred again until the flavors were thoroughly concentrated and hybridized, creating a singularly potent Blueberry flavor and rich quantities of THC.

When paired with the almighty classic indica legend, OG Kush, you end up with an indica leaning hybrid that maintains the flavors of both of its parents, while also bringing with it a profoundly cognizant, yet altogether otherworldly high.

Aroma of blueberry strain

As would most certainly be expected from a strain called Blueberry OG, this marijuana strain has the immediately noticeable first smell of blueberries.

The original  simply called “Blueberry,” was well known for the smell, bursting blueberries hitting your tongue. With Blueberry OG, the smell is a bit more textured than that, carrying with it the scent of the forest around the blueberries themselves, as well as the earth itself.

Medical Benefits

For starters, Blueberry OG is excellent at treating depression and stress, implying it possesses at least a decent quantity of CBD. Additionally, the lengthy high that this strain provides is perfect for helping remove any and all doubts, stress or worry that you carry with you throughout the day. Buy Xanax Online 

Furthermore, this strain is excellent at treating persistent headaches and inflammation, as well as all general issues arising from pain, especially long-term pain from a chronic illness.

This long list of Blueberry OG’s myriad medical effects makes it a wonderful strain to take as a general treatment for all sorts of conditions – not only does it help suppress pain, but it also helps improve your mood and just generally make life a little bit more bearable than it might have been before.

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