black diamond strain




black diamond strain

Black Diamond Strain Weed For Sale is an indica-dominant hybrid, create by cross Blackberry and Diamond OG cannabis strains. This rare strain is breed in the Northern California region, and is usually recommend for medical marijuana patient. However, the strain offer both indica and sativa kind of effect. Which make it ideal for a single smoke session as well as during a meetup with a group of friend.


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Black Diamond Strain hybrid has a nice level of THC level of 17.5%. With such a promising amount of this cannabinoid, the cannabis strain induce a powerful sedative high that is extremely relaxing while allowing you to focus on your task; this in turn, make Black Diamond great for social activity.



As the high is progressing, you expect the feeling of happiness and giggliness, follow by a sudden urge for munchies. Black Diamond Strain high make the user comfortable and able to breathe more easily and deeply. Because the hybrid affect both body and mind, Black Diamond is mostly recommend for evening or nighttime use when its slow sedative effect can be fully experience.

Aside from its interesting set of effects, it grows multicolored, large flowers with dense buds, generously frosted with trichomes. Buy Xanax Online 

Moreover, the buds are sprinkled with orange hairs, making it look even more interesting. The strain offers a nice, sweet aroma of grapes, with delicate but detectable pungent and earthy hints.

When grinding or breaking up the Black Diamonds Strain, you will definitely smell a specific nutty and toasted odor. As for the flavor, the hybrid tastes a bit sweet, like berries and grapes, with pine and herbal notes. Despite being a surprisingly smooth smoke for an indica-dominant strain, Black Diamond still leaves the specific taste of indica in the user’s throat.

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