Hybrid marijuana strains

Top picks for hybrid strains in one place

Until recently, there have been two types of cannabis enthusiasts: Sativa folks and those who lean towards Indicas. But now, hybrid marijuana strains come into vogue as fast as hell. It’s hardly a surprise, considering how great they are for recreational effects and medical uses.

420 Supplies Shop is at the forefront of the newest strain combinations to be always up to date with top-notch hybrid weed for sale. We work with global growers and are proud to be the first to offer marijuana novelties. Rest assured: once they are crossed and tested, they make it to our selection sooner than elsewhere.

Choosing the best hybrid weed strains

Settling on a hybrid is much like selecting the right Indica or Sativa. Of course, it’s a matter of personal taste, but it’s still tricky if you’re new to blended strains. Let us provide you with some pointers to help you pick your thing:

  • Check the contents. As hybrids are created from parent Indica and Sativa plants, each strain can have a different make-up. While some may use more of Indicas, others can be Sativa-dominant or evenly balanced.
  • Learn more about the effects. Depending on their lineage, hybrid strains can be either invigorating, relaxing, or both. Decide whether you need one for your medical condition or recreational use and choose accordingly.
  • Don’t forget about THC and CBD. Cannabinoid levels can vary, too. Indica-dom hybrids are usually CBD-rich, whereas their Sativa-dom counterparts pack more THC. Always peruse strain descriptions for their exact cannabinoid ratios.
  • Consider a flavor profile. Blended strains bring brand-new flavors to the table. They can taste fruity, earthy, vanilla, or even spicy as growers keep experimenting with combining terpenes. Ask yourself whether you fancy traditional or unusual flavors.

Now that you know what to look at, what are you waiting for? Browse through 420 Supplies Shop to buy hybrid weed online and pamper yourself with the best marijuana strains. Oh, and they carry the price tags that never seem to be hefty. With us, every cannabis fan can afford even the most exotic hybrids.

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Showing all 8 results