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Various strains of marijuana

Various strains of marijuana

Having decided to buy weed online whether to be enjoyed at home for recreational or medical purposes, many buyers find it difficult to choose from the various marijuana varieties available from the hundreds existing at the moment. With this post, we have made choosing the right cannabis variety easier for you, by listing the varieties available and writing on what to expect from each of them.
Knowing the several varieties of marijuana available makes it easier to buy marijuana online for lovers of cannabis who desire to enjoy good quality time, and for those who prefer hybrid varieties as well. In this article, you will find the latest hybrids and proven types of marijuana. First, we’ll discuss the original varieties, but before we get to that, remember, we’ve got the best weed for sale online, you may visit our online shop to buy marijuana online.

Original cannabis varieties

According to the general classification, there are 3 types of hemp:

Cannabis Indica.

These species of Indian hemp are a low standing herb with larger leaves arranged densely to each other. It acts relaxingly and is a light tranquilizer. This also has a strong stone effect, and aids creativity, therefore it is better suited for evening time.

Cannabis Sativa

This is a tall sprawling weed with elongated inflorescences (cones) and narrow leaves. The use of this kind of marijuana has a fun, “expanding”, stimulating effect, often described by the word ‘high’. Typically, this weed is best chosen for use during the day.

Cannabis Ruderalis – or wild hemp.

Wild hemp varieties look like a short plant with small sparse leaves. Ruderalis has almost no THC.

The vast majority of modern hemp species are hybrids of the three varieties mentioned above, with various variations of their genotypes (sets of genes).
And In the following paragraphs, let us get to see the other hybrids of these traditional cannabis varieties. We will list the top 5 strongest of them. So, if you’re looking for weed for sale online, and want one that can get you high faster, you’d know what to look out for.
Without any further ado, we’ll look into the five strongest and most powerful cannabis varieties, which can also be bought in our store.


Gagarin is the most powerful marijuana variety on the planet. It is reported that this hybrid with a dominant trait has up to 34% THC! Of course, strength means nothing without quality – and Gagarin seeds lack no quality at all.
This variety is the best variety of indica especially when you want to smoke a lump, it amazes you with an incredible emotional upsurge, which soon leads your whole body to another level of euphoria. Gagarin tends to help you feel calm and happy while sending a special euphoric effect through your body. It gives you a feeling of complete relaxation and can make you motionless or chained to the sofa during the day, such is its strength.

Y Griega

This was previously a record holder when it won the coveted Cannabis Cup title with THC 32.13%. Cultivated by Next Harvest in Denver, Colorado, this is one of the most mysterious species. People know little about the genetics or history of this specie. However, there are rumors that Griega is a mixture of Thai and Nepalese hemp.
Whatever its ancestral origin, it goes without saying that this specie is not for a beginner. It is a classy hybrid and also known for its pungent odor.
When you smoke it, it will give you a brain ‘high’ that is incredibly enjoyable – that is, if you know how to handle it! It has a powerful relaxing effect, which is ideal for calming the mind. Besides, if you experience stress at work and you need something to help you relax, studies show that these types are ideal because of their kind of high.
Moreover, it is also an aid in improving creativity, and for many years has been a favorite among the artistic residents of California and the West Coast as a whole.

Bruce banner

This is another strain of high quality “selective breeding” to produce extremely potent hemp. This is indica and the cross of real McCoy with cookies and cream. The result is a force that, according to the company, corresponds to an average of more than 30% THC.
If you smoke this variety with the belief that it will taste like Bailey, you will be disappointed, because instead, it offers the classic flavor of raw weed. You will find that this bud has a taste of fresh herbs and pine, and although it does not taste like a sweet cream variety, it is nonetheless pleasant.
The Bruce banner is extremely strong, which means that it can help relieve anxiety, depression, stress, and even chronic pain. The initial high is mostly cerebral, but soon you will immediately feel happy, relaxed, and sociable. In the end, you begin to feel relaxed and ready to crush the bed for a deep, naturally healthy night’s sleep. This is what we like to call “carefree” because it is perfect for evening and night use.


This is a delicious new variety of indica. According to the breeders, opium has become extremely popular on the West Coast, and its strength is over 27%, making it one of the most potent in the world.
This is an Indica dominant variety and one of the most aesthetically attractive. Of course, it is worth trying at least so that you can enjoy the sweet, fragrance.
In terms of effects, it will shock you how quickly it starts to stroke your senses. In a few minutes, you will feel happy, and your mind will be filled with great ideas because its influence is fantastic for creativity.
Ultimately, you will feel relaxing in your body, which turns into a feeling of calm. The high sometimes last for hours. For this reason, make sure you are safely wrapped in bed. (And, of course, this special effect makes it one of the absolute favorites for insomnia and other sleep problems!)


Don’t let the “tropical” name of a strawberry banana fool you; with a maximum THC level of up to 32% in some plants, it’s just a monster that can inflict a novice with a serious blow.
On average, when smoked the THC level lies around 26-28%. But that still doesn’t remove it from being one of the strongest in the world. This specie is known for its incredible taste, which feels like strawberries and bananas. The taste is accompanied by a surprisingly sweet and fruity aroma, as well as a delicious exhalation of a banana.
Exposure ensures that you feel relaxed and focused throughout the experience. In the end, you will feel relaxed. This is a fantastic option for treating chronic pain, and according to some studies, Satori is also suitable for users with depression, PTSD, and insomnia.


Dabs are concentrated doses of cannabis that are made by extracting THC and other cannabinoids using a solvent like butane or carbon dioxide, resulting in sticky oils. Depending on their consistency, these marijuana concentrates are also commonly referred to as wax, shatter, budder, and butane hash oil (BHO). Marijuana wax and other dabs are typically heated on a hot surface, usually a nail, and then inhaled through a dab rig. Smoking dabs as a method of consumption has been around for at least a decade, but the advent of more advanced extraction methods has led to a flood of cannabis concentrates that have boosted dabbing’s popularity. There dabs for sale online, and you can get from our online store.
While it’s possible to extract non-intoxicating compounds like CBD, THC is what’s behind the potent effects of marijuana wax and other forms of dabs, making them the fastest and most efficient way to get really, really stoned. Terpenes, or the aromatic oils that give cannabis flavor, can also be extracted, although it can be difficult to preserve these volatile compounds in the extraction process.
First, let’s talk about what dabbing is all about. In dabbing, a piece of hemp extract is used, usually in the form of BHO (Butane Hash Oil – it should be noted here that BHO has practically nothing to do with the traditional form of hashish). It is inserted into the “Dabber” (nail) and with its help moves with a piece of the extract on a heated surface to dub the designated pipe. Before you buy dabs online, ensure you have what to inhale with -whether a vape pen or whatever option you choose.
Dabbing is gaining popularity in the world mainly because the desired and expected therapeutic effects can be achieved with much less material than is the case with the traditional method of consumption.
Another reason is that it is currently probably the best way to inhale, which is much more effective than just using a vaporizer. Because only the active ingredients evaporate and not burn, it is a suitable method for patients with lung cancer. And in people suffering from multiple sclerosis, the advantage is a rapid cessation of the attack.
Another great advantage is that you can carry cartridges to use vaporizing pens with you at all times, also, it is possible to produce refills of practically any concentration and Sativa / Indica / hybrid mixes. You can get dabs for sale online, but as stated earlier before you buy dabs online, get good carts -available on our store too.

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Sexism, Big Gay Ice Cream and stuff

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Have you noticed something about the democrat candidates that believe they’re the next President and how they’re going to ‘revolutionize’ the country? weed for sale

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You haven’t?

Well, that’s what I thought. Because I haven’t either. weed for sale

They’re just spewing out the same inane and asinine rubbish on repeat. No matter what topic or issue they’re discussing, it’s always the same kind of dull, boring thing without any substance to it. Just fluff. Bogus. buy weeds online 

People care less and less about politics. 

And is it any wonder why? 

Your life won’t improve if there is a change of presidents this fall. It won’t improve if the same guy remains president. 

Your government isn’t exactly your friend. 

Just think about it.

When was the last time you received a letter from the government with something positive in it? 

‘Hello Bob, I’m the Government and I want to give you this gift of $5,000!’ 

More likely, it’s something like the following: weed for sale

‘This is the IRS, and we’ve noticed a deviation in your tax reports. Based on our calculations you owe us $5,000. Payment due in two weeks.’

Or something like that. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall I got an envelope with my name on it from any branch of the government with positive content. buy weeds online

And it got me thinking about something. Why don’t I instead, send positive things to people? 

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Totally contrary to the Government? 

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