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A strain created by the breeder Dioxide at TGA Subcool Seeds, Timewreck is a cross between two of their strains, a female Blood Wreck and the male Vortex. Often breeders will stick to proven males, as it can be so hard to find a good one but they wanted to see what would happen by crossing one of their favorite strains with one of their other loved strains in 2011. The result is a strain strong enough that many users simply find it overpowering.

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Super Silver Haze does her best when grown in a hydroponics setup but don’t let that stop you from growing it in soil or outside, the Mr. Nice version can be grown in a green house. The Greenhouse seeds version can take longer, up to 11 weeks to grow, than the required eight to ten weeks for the version offered at Mr. Nice.

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Timewreck marijuana induces strong cerebral euphoria followed by soothing relaxation. May cause paranoia and cotton mouth. Boosts energy and creativity, uplifts mood, prompts laughter and socialization. Relieves stress and nausea, helps with pain.

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Timewreck’s earthy spice and sour taste

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THC Content %‎: ‎14 to 18%
CBD %‎: ‎0.02 – 0.1%

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